7 Signs A Woman Is Done With You

Signs a woman is done with you

What are the signs a woman is done with you? Perhaps you thought that she’ll stick with you till the end. You assumed that she’ll remain loyal to you and love you forever. Somehow, things went wrong along the line, and the dynamics of your relationship changed for the worse. You took her for granted and …

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7 Subtle Signs Of A Manipulative Girlfriend

Why is it So Awkward Between Me and My Boyfriend

For many guys, the possibility of them being manipulated by a girlfriend seems to be an alien idea. Guys have this belief in their masculinity as a shield against being manipulated, and if they have a friend who is being manipulated by his girlfriend, they sincerely wonder how it ever happened to him. The thing …

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7 Signs You Are in a Tumultuous Relationship

Relationships are like rollercoasters. They have their ups and downs as well as twists and turns. Everyone has experienced a little bit of turbulence in relationships. This, however, doesn’t qualify as being in a tumultuous relationship. A tumultuous relationship can be likened to a ship sailing on stormy seas or a plane flying through a …

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8 Signs You Are A Toxic Girlfriend

How To Teach A Lesson To a Selfish Husband

A friend of mine ended a traumatic relationship last year. At that time, she confided in me that it was the most horrific experience in her life. She even intimated to me that she needed a long break from relationships to heal from the wounds inflicted by her last relationship. That was last year. This …

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Why Do I Want My Husband To Cheat On Me?

Have you ever thought deeply about this subject and you really wondered to yourself- Why do I want my husband to cheat on me? Let’s try to dissect this first: Most romantic relationships start with two friends realizing that they cannot bear to be just friends anymore. The realization that they want more from each …

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