6 Signs An Introvert Guy Is Falling For You

You’ll agree that as an extrovert, developing a relationship with an introvert can leave you confused most of the time if you have not taken the time to understand how their mind works.

It can be quite a tricky situation because most things you’re used to in a ‘normal’ relationship will be missing in your interactions with an introvert.

There’ll be a subtle display of affection from them.

You won’t be getting all the public displays of attraction, and flashy love shows too.

But because it’s not in their nature to show off loudly, you’ll feel that their subtle ways of showing love and affection are more sincere than what you’re used to.

What, then, are the ways introverts display affection?

What are the signs an introvert guy is falling for you?

Regarding romance generally, instead of telling you how they feel directly, introverts will likely show you how they think of you through their actions.

The mantra of introverts is ‘action over words.’

We’re going on an exposition of the signs an introvert guy is falling for you.

Ensure that you hang in there and read to the end.

It promises to be an interesting read.

6 Signs An Introvert Guy Is Falling For You

1. You find him dependable

Signs an introvert guy is falling for you
One of the signs an introvert guy is falling for you is that you can rely on him.

Be it in actions or words, introverts are determined in whatever they set their minds on.

The introvert guy in question is well aware that while he may be a man of few words as opposed to other guys who do not lack words to express themselves, it doesn’t move him because he knows that talk is cheap.

If you’re looking for the human representation of ‘slow and steady,’ it’ll be your introvert guy.

Although it’ll take some time for him to get used to you, warm up to you, and let you into his world, when you eventually get to that point with him, know that you’ve struck gold.

You’ve got yourself someone who you can depend on for anything.

If he ever says that he’s going to do something for you, consider it done.

Do you feel safe and secure with this guy?

It’s not a coincidence or mere occurrence.

He’s probably falling for you.


2. He likes spending time with you

Signs an introvert guy is falling for you
Introverts are naturally built to spend time being by themselves more.

That’s how they rest and recharge – by spending time alone.

As an extrovert, you may not mind spending all day with someone else, but that’s an extreme sport for an introvert.

You’ll notice that at the beginning of your interactions with your introvert guy, he was fine with seeing you a few times every week.

If you probed him further, he’d have told you that that timeframe that appeared little to you was a lot to him.

This is because he’s content with being on his own.

He enjoys his company.

So if you notice a change in him and he gradually starts spending more time with you than he usually does, he’s likely falling for you.

At this time, he’s more relaxed in your company, and he doesn’t consider spending time with you as a draining experience.


3. He lets you into his head

Signs an introvert guy is falling for you
You must have heard some people say that it’s difficult to get to know introverts.

That’s not totally untrue.

Although an introvert is usually very picky when it comes to deciding who matches their energy and choosing the people they bond with, they are great conversationalists.

They can hold deep, meaningful conversations with other people.

However, one thing you won’t catch them doing is divulging private details to random people.

Please note that there’s a world of difference between holding intellectual conversations about things that are non-personal and talking about things that happen in one’s life.

If you’ve interacted with an introvert before, you’ll know that it’s not out of place to know absolutely nothing about them apart from the general information they put out there.

It can be the status quo for months or even years before you learn about something as big as, say, their birthday.

The bottom line is that it’ll usually take a long time to get to know an introvert if you interact normally.

But an introvert guy who is falling for you will be like an open book to you.

He’ll tell you and let you see things about himself that you wouldn’t have access to ordinarily or that would have taken you years to learn.


4. He pays special attention to you

Signs an introvert guy is falling for you
Anyone can pay attention to you, but an introvert guy who is falling for you takes it a notch higher.

I’ll say that he makes up for what he lacks in showing affection by being super attentive to you.

If he really cares about you, he’ll reach out to you often through texts to know how you’re doing.

Most introverts prefer texting to calling.

So, if you’re getting random texts from him asking about your welfare, he’s possibly falling for you.

Apart from that, you’ll also notice that he takes note of the replies you give him.

I mean, he doesn’t ask for asking sake.

He actually takes note of the things you say and tries to make you feel better in his own little ways.

He remembers every tiny detail you share with him and focuses on you whenever you’re around him.

Sis, that guy is a goner for you.


5. He reciprocates your affectionate gestures

Signs an introvert guy is falling for you
Generally, it isn’t easy to see an introvert who made the first move toward a romantic interest.

It happens once in a blue moon.

They don’t usually talk much, so you don’t expect them to be very forthcoming vocally, even when it involves their feelings.

How, then, do you know that he’s falling for you?

Take the lead.

You have to make the first move.

If you like him in return, let him know first.

By doing so, you’re encouraging him to open up and share his feelings with you.

But don’t expect to hear him profess love to you first.


6. He pays you subtle compliments

Like every other vocal business, an introvert is not so generous with paying compliments.

And even when he does compliment you, it’s different from the normal ones you’re used to.

You need to pay attention to whatever he says to be able to spot the compliments because he’s not necessarily complimenting you for the compliment to stand out.

He’s only paying you compliments because that’s how he feels about you at that moment, straight from his heart.

For instance, rather than, “You look so ravishing in that dress,” expect to hear, “The color of that dress matches your skin tone. I love it on you.”

Subtle compliments.

He’s not saying it to get accolades or your attention.

He says it because ‘you dey enter his eyes,’ which is the Nigerian way of saying that he finds you attractive and he’s focused on you.

I hope that these signs will serve as a useful guide to you in knowing what an introvert guy wants from you.

It’s usually hard to know what’s on the mind of an introvert or even know when he has feelings for you.

The good news is that he’s human, and if you start paying close attention to how he acts around you, it won’t be long before you know if he likes you in a romantic way if he’s falling for you, or what his intentions towards you are.

I trust that whatever the outcome, you’ll handle it maturely.

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