8 Obvious Signs Your Husband Is Fed Up With You

“So it’s not gonna be easy. It’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, every day. You and me… every day.” – Nicholas Sparks

Perhaps he pulled a “Nicholas Sparks” on you when proposing.

He probably told you he wants you forever… and his actions mirrored his words at the time.

But something in you feels like he has changed.

You can’t place a name to the feeling, but it’s there: that nagging feeling that something is off in your relationship.

He is much different now, short-fused with you and lacking the spark he used to have in his eyes for you.

You sometimes fear he may be fed up with you.

How do you know if he is truly fed up with you and you are not just overthinking everything he does?

This is the question we aim to answer in this blog post.

Come along!

8 Obvious Signs Your Husband Is Fed Up With You

1. He is distant

signs your husband is fed up with you

A central pillar of any healthy relationship is intimacy.

When you notice that your husband is beginning to distance himself from you, it is a sign that something is off in your marriage.

He may seem uninterested in communicating with you about things you think are important to help the relationship grow.

In healthy relationships, couples have a strong emotional bond, which is noticeable from how they seem to understand each other without speaking.

Their interactions also show so much camaraderie and rapport that it becomes obvious to onlookers that they are not just couples but also best friends.

When your husband is fed up with you, you may notice that the emotional connection and rapport you share would gradually fade away.

You’d feel alone even when you are with him because he shuts you out.

However, you shouldn’t judge based only on this sign because several things can make a man this way, and many have nothing to do with you.

He may be under intense pressure at work to deal with a particularly difficult task.

He may get so absent-minded because of this that it may seem like he is being emotionally distant and withdrawn.

Talking to him about your feelings is the best way to know what is happening.

2. He becomes selfish

I think everyone is a little selfish.

We all have one little part of ourselves that makes us do things that will benefit us at the expense of others.

However, in a healthy marriage, the couples almost always ensure that they make mutually beneficial decisions.

Love tends to suppress that tendency to be selfish and makes couples act in each other best interests.

When your husband is fed up, one of the first things you would notice is that he begins to act selfishly.

He begins to think more about himself and only occasionally brings you into the picture.

He begins to treat you like you are no longer a priority, and you can actually tell because the more effort you invest into improving your relationship, the more it looks like you are just forcing yourself on him.

3. He gets angry at you unreasonably

signs your husband is fed up with you

Marriage cannot be all rosy… all the time.

Sometimes, conflicts are just as important in a relationship as love and trust.

It helps couples to understand each other because nothing brings out a person’s true personality like conflict.

It also improves how they handle issues in the relationship.

However, when your marriage begins to look like a minefield and any slight misstep could lead to an explosion, you may need to start considering that your husband may be fed up with you.

It begins to seem like he is a volcano ready to erupt at you for little or no reason.

He is fed up with you when almost everything you do makes him angry.

I can cite a particularly silly example…

I remember watching a couple quarrel so loudly that everyone in the neighborhood showed up to discover what was happening.

Well, when they finally settled down and could talk in normal tones, they proceeded to let us know that the reason for the fight was that the husband didn’t like how she pressed the toothpaste tube.

He said no one was allowed to press the toothpaste tube from the middle.

That very little thing caused a fight that invited the whole neighborhood.

I would say that the issue in the relationship wasn’t the toothpaste tube.

The man was probably tired of his wife and was looking for any excuse to lash out at her angrily.

When a man begins to get angry irrationally, it is a sign that he is fed up with you.

4. He doesn’t respect you anymore

signs your husband is fed up with you

After love and trust, mutual respect is another important ingredient to building a successful relationship.

When couples respect each other, it makes navigating the challenges of a relationship easier.

However, when your husband is fed up with you, he may exhibit a total lack of respect for you.

He does this by doing the exact opposite of what a man who respects you would do.

He doesn’t listen to you.

He doesn’t care about your opinions.

He doesn’t respect your boundaries.

He probably yells at you all the time.

He doesn’t even apologize when he does something wrong.

When a man does all these to you in a relationship, it is a sign that he is fed up with you.

5. He is secretive

Healthy relationships are founded on the foundation of full disclosure and open communication.

However, when your husband is fed up with you, he may begin to keep secrets.

He doesn’t allow you to know anything about what is going on in his life.

He keeps to himself and stays on his phone longer than he used to, texting and calling people you may not know.

If you attempt to ask him who he is talking to, he may get angry and defensive about how you are trying to invade his privacy.

The fact that he begins to hide facts about his life from you is a sign that your husband is fed up with you.

6. He forgets special occasions

There are special occasions that can be considered sacred in most successful relationships.

Forgetting these occasions is considered a sacrilegious act by most husbands and can only be committed by men who probably don’t care anymore about the marriage.

If he doesn’t remember your anniversary or even your birthday when he has always remembered in the past, then this is a bad omen.

He may be sullen on those days or bluntly tell you there’s nothing to celebrate.

Even when he remembers, he may intentionally avoid spending time with you on those days.

These are telltale signs that he is fed up with you.

7. He doesn’t support you

Signs Your Husband Is Fed Up With You

This is one of the painful that can happen to a lady in a marriage… being deprived of her husband’s support.

It is even more painful when he used to have your back in the past, but things just seemed to change overnight.

Life will always throw curves at you, but when you have people who support you, it gets easier to face life’s challenges.

However, if your husband, who should be your number one support system, doesn’t support you or show that he cares, it may be a sign that he is fed up with you.

If you notice that whenever you need support, your husband always seems to be conveniently unavailable and unapologetically so, then maybe he is tired of you.

8. He prefers to hang out with his friends

signs your husband is fed up with you

No one is saying that a husband should always be with his wife.

However, if your husband always prefers to hang out with his friends instead of spending quality time with you, it is a sign that he is fed up with you.

If he would rather have drinks with his friends than dinner with you, it is a sign that he is tired of you.

When it gets this way, you realize that any attempt to spend time with him is met with resistance.

If you have noticed a combination of any of the signs above in your husband, the odds are he is fed up with you.

What do you do about this?

Try to talk to him about it.

Speak to him calmly and honestly about how you feel.

Ask him for his sincere opinion.

Getting everything into the open before planning the best way forward for your marriage is essential.

You can also get professional help in navigating the marital issues.

If both of you choose to remain in the marriage, you need to discover creative ways to spend your time together.

Take walks, go on spontaneous dates, and feel that excitement you felt when you first got together.

Even the best of marriages may sometimes settle into a boring pace, and partners may start doing annoying things.

Marriage is not just a decision to love and care only in the good times but also in the worst times.


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