Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Pretty Girlfriends?

You know a guy who has a girlfriend who appears pretty both inside and out.

In fact, many people envy their relationship, and it doesn’t look like anything will go wrong with it.

Then, from nowhere, you begin to hear rumors of him cheating on her.

You think to yourself, “That’s impossible. He has a good thing going. So, why jeopardize it?”

The long and short of it is that things are not so simple.

Things are not always as they seem.

The beauty of a woman is no guarantee of a man’s faithfulness.

However, it’s also not an excuse for his infidelity.

So, come with me. Let’s look at the reasons guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends.

Why Do Guys Cheat On Their Pretty Girlfriends?

1. His girlfriend is too good for him

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
One of the most overlooked reasons a guy will cheat on his pretty girlfriend is
that she is too good for him.

Although it’s simple and straight to the point, it’s usually the big elephant in the room.

Many guys allow themselves to be pressured into getting into a relationship with a lady who is way above their league.

Such a guy will have to constantly live with the pressure of meeting up with the expectations of others on him as the partner to a gorgeous and great lady.

To be sincere, if he’s not mentally, physically, and financially ready for such responsibilities before going into the relationship, the pressure can become too much for him to handle and weigh him down eventually.

Although it’s not an excuse for cheating, he simply thinks that he can’t keep up with her high standards or live up to such high expectations.

So, what he does is look for someone at his level, someone with whom he doesn’t have to measure up, and someone who is more like him.

It explains why you see some guys who were caught cheating turn around to say that they cheated with their ‘peace of mind.’

The truth is that they feel no pressure from the lady they cheated with.

And that’s their definition of peace of mind.

It also explains why a guy will leave his sophisticated girlfriend and cheat with someone who appears basic or below par.

That’s because it’s his actual level.

No matter how much you try to cover anyone up, their authentic selves and levels will show one day.

Well, it’s solely his problem and has nothing to do with his girlfriend, whom he cheated on.

He had a choice, and he chose to cheat.

That’s on him.

Women who are too good should never be made to feel bad for being too good.



2. His girlfriend is self-centered

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
A possible reason a guy will cheat on his really pretty girlfriend is that she’s self-centered.

It has been established that she is pretty, and most beautiful women know that they are beautiful.

Now, the lady in question might choose to channel all her attention to her beauty.

All she thinks about, talks about, lives, and breathes is her beauty.

She’s so self-absorbed that she has lost touch with her surroundings.

If care is not taken, her self-centredness will get to a level where her thinking becomes shallow, and her thought process is no longer sharp, thereby making her less intelligent.

This type of woman is less likely to have time for her man or any person other than herself.

In his quest for attention and companionship outside his relationship, the guy will end up cheating on his pretty girlfriend.


3. He’s bored of the relationship

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
When both parties have been in the relationship for some time, there’s a level of comfort that develops between them.

At that point, they’re not trying hard or making an effort to impress each other or be seen as good people.

There’s not much excitement in the relationship, and it can become boring to some people.

The guy may crave some excitement or adrenaline rush that he can’t get from his relationship as it is.

And instead of sharing his feelings with his partner, he chooses to explore his options with another woman outside his relationship.


4. He’s insecure

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
Insecurity is real, and it messes with individuals in a relationship and, in turn, messes up an otherwise great relationship.

If a guy cheats on his pretty girlfriend, he might be feeling insecure in the relationship.

He may feel like he’s not good enough for her or that she will leave him soon because there are so many other guys out there.

So, he cheats to make himself feel better and more secure in the relationship. 

And it points back to the first point, ‘his girlfriend is too good for him.’

If he’s not confident about her dealings and moves or is intimidated by her life and achievements, he might convince himself that she’s sleeping around or something weightier to make him feel better about himself.

He’ll cheat eventually, as payback in his head for her alleged cheating, even when she’s not.


5. He’s influenced by peer pressure

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
As the saying goes, “Bad company corrupts good manners.”

Also, “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

The kind of friends one keeps has an influence on one’s life to a great extent.

In this case, he is friends with guys who think that cheating is cool.

If you check his circle of friends, you’ll find that the majority of them cheat on their partners.

It’s only a matter of time before all of them begin to cheat on their partners.

All the banters and coaxing from his cheating friends will get to him one day, and he’ll give in to the pressure to cheat.

As they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”


6. His girlfriend is insecure

Another reason a guy will cheat on his pretty girlfriend is that she is insecure.

There are beautiful women who are constantly focused on their bodies and looks.

They’re constantly careful about the things they eat, checking if their clothes still fit their bodies perfectly, and spend most of their time at the gym to keep fit.

This is also related to being self-centered.

With the way she is obsessed with and worrying about her body and looks, she won’t have time for anything productive or even a romantic relationship.

The guy will feel neglected in the relationship and seek companionship, comfort, and attention in the arms of another woman.


7. His girlfriend is a busy person

Why do guys cheat on their pretty girlfriends
This reason is weird but true.

It can be that his girlfriend is a busy and successful woman who may not have enough time for her boyfriend and relationship.

Not having enough time includes time for hangouts, calls, texts, and even spending time together.

If they’re together, she’s constantly on her phone, responding to work emails or answering business calls.

She may not spend up to an hour with him before dashing out to a meeting because of work calls.

If this keeps happening in the relationship, it can become exasperating for the partner at the receiving end, no matter how understanding they are.

It can make a guy start an affair with another woman.


Cheating involves a lot of hard work, but staying faithful is easy.

You have nothing to hide, you don’t have to keep telling lies to cover up other lies, and most importantly, you have your peace of mind intact.

Cheating will not resolve any problems you’re having in your relationship, nor will it make things better.

Instead, it’ll worsen the situation.

If you weigh the pros and cons of cheating, you’ll choose to stay faithful to your partner and be glad you did.

And if you ever feel that staying faithful to your partner has become a burden to you, you can talk to them, see a therapist, take a break from the relationship, or realize and admit that you need to end the relationship, move on from it, and meet new people.

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