9 Real Reasons Men Get Tired Of Their Wives

There are many reasons men get tired of their wives.

If these reasons are not worked on, these men eventually leave their wives to either be by themselves or go to another woman.

If you’re wondering what these reasons are, you’re in the right place.

This article will help you know the real reasons men get tired of their wives.

Let’s get started already.

9 Real Reasons Men Get Tired Of Their Wives

1. He found someone else

Reasons men get tired of their wives One of the reasons men get tired of their wives is that they find other women who they fancy.

The excitement of starting something new with a new woman can make a man grow weary of his wife.

Talking to a new woman feels like the honeymoon phase of a relationship.

The new woman doesn’t complain and is also still on her best behavior to impress him.

This character appeals to a man, especially if he has an unhappy marriage.

But then, almost every woman becomes a wife.

If he keeps seeing the new woman and decides to settle down with her, she’ll go from the new, perfect joy-giver to a wife who will want to be responsible for her home.

Eventually, she’ll need the man to live up to some standards.



2. Absence of respect in the marriage

Respect for each other plays a vital role in every healthy relationship.

While women need love in relationships, men need respect.

So, if a man’s wife doesn’t respect him, it’s one of the reasons he can get tired of her.

Here are some ways a wife can be disrespecting her husband:

– Not valuing his opinions and contributions

– Not honoring his wishes and decisions 

– Not respecting the time he spends away from her 

– Speaking to him in a demeaning way or using sarcasm to mock him.

– Not respecting personal boundaries between both of you.

– Using his insecurities against him.

– Giving him the silent treatment at every slightest provocation.

– Keeping secrets from him.

All of these and more can make a man tired of his wife because it speaks lack of peace and happiness in the home. Where he has no solitude or happiness to himself, and you, being the wife is the architect, he becomes tired of you.    

3. He and his wife’s long-term goals do not match

Reasons men get tired of their wives Although long-term dreams, goals, and aspirations are part of the things a couple should discuss and agree on, or at least reach a compromise before marriage, there’s no need to cry over spilled milk now.

A man can get tired of his wife if he discovers that their goals do not match.

Constantly having differences in opinions can lead to frequent arguments and quarrels, which can be tiring and make a marriage difficult.

For a marriage to be successful and progressive, both partners need to be on the same page about their dreams and purpose in the long run.

For instance, if a man wants children and his wife doesn’t, he may try to guilt-trip her for her decision.

He may also feel that giving in to her decision means that he’s letting go of something that’s important to him.

Because of that, he’ll begin to resent his wife.

In all, the constant back and forth will take its toll on the marriage, and the man is bound to get tired of his wife and vice versa.



4. The man feels unappreciated in the marriage

Reasons men get tired of their wives Like women, men also want to feel appreciated.

Being grateful and appreciative spurs people to do more to keep their marriage happy, successful, and working.

In a marriage where appreciation and gratitude are not lacking, commitment, relationship satisfaction, and both partners being deeply invested in the union are the rules of the day.

A man is bound to get tired of a wife who never appreciates all the commitments and sacrifices he makes for her, the marriage, and the family.

He’ll feel like his efforts are not being valued, eventually leading to a lack of self-worth and unhappiness in the marriage. 

A lack of appreciation can be the first sign that something in the relationship is wrong, and if it goes unaddressed for too long, it could spell doom for the marriage. 



5. The sex is nothing to write home about

One of the reasons men get tired of their wives is that the sex is nothing to write home about.

Sometimes, men are more sexual than women, and their hormones play a significant role in their lives and choices.

If a man feels that his wife is not living up to his expectations in the bedroom, he can get tired of her.

That’s after he must have talked about it several times, and nothing changed.

The whole idea of sex will feel bland and uninteresting to him because he’s not getting what he wants whenever he indulges.



6. His wife is a nag

Reasons men get tired of their wives If there’s anything that scares men away from their wives, it’s nagging.

Nothing drains the life out of a marriage than a bad and nagging partner.

In this case, if the man’s wife is a nag, it’ll not take long for the marriage to be hanging by a thin thread.

In line with needing respect, no man wants to be bossed around, constantly told what to do, and generally treated like a child by his wife.

Husbands want to feel desired,  respected, and appreciated in a marriage, not nagged and taken for granted. 

Nagging is one of the primary reasons why men become distant in marriages.

When they feel like their partners are constantly attacking them with criticisms, they become disinterested in even trying to keep things going. 

It could also make him look for solace outside his home if he doesn’t feel appreciated by his wife. 

It’s important to remember that men also need tenderness, respect, and love just as much as women do.

There should be an equal balance of both in a marriage for it to really work out in the end. 

A nagging partner damages any chances of this happening and can lead to the man feeling unheard and unimportant. 


7. Absence of intellectual stimulation

Reasons men get tired of their wives A man who is in need of intellectual stimulation from time to time can get tired of his wife if she doesn’t offer him such.

Most men want to rub minds with their wives and have deep, intellectual conversations with them.

An imaginative woman is not afraid to share her thoughts and opinions with her man, is constantly learning, and is excited at the thought of always keeping him on his toes intellectually.

You might ask if he didn’t consider that before getting married to her.

The wife might have been intellectually sound at the onset but lost it due to some challenges and responsibilities.

When this happens, a man will gradually start losing interest in having conversations with her.

Eventually, he’ll get tired of her.


8. Loss of attraction in the marriage

Reasons men get tired of their wives A loss of attraction in the marriage is one of the reasons men get tired of their wives.

Although attraction is not everything in a marriage, it still plays an integral part in marriage.

Women need to take time out for themselves to look attractive and presentable so that their man never gets bored of them.

When women ignore themselves and forget to make them appealing, men get disinterested in the marriage over a period of time. 

The wife must find ways to bring back the lost spark and work on her appearance if she wants to keep her man interested. 

Because in all honesty, attraction helps to strengthen a couple’s connection and contributes greatly to sexual intimacy.

Men want to feel attracted to their wives all the time.

Whenever he starts losing attraction for his wife, he’ll gradually begin to get tired of her.


9. He’s just bored

Reasons men get tired of their wives Sometimes, a man getting tired of his wife has nothing to do with her.

It can be that the man is just bored.

It is expected, especially if the couple has been together for a long time.

He might start itching to go out and have a new, different experience from what he’s used to.

He wants to experience the thrill of chasing a new woman.

He’s only bored and wants to add some excitement to his life.

In this case, it is important to understand that his boredom is not a reflection of the relationship.

It’s just a phase.


There are so many reasons men get tired of their wives.

In this article, we’ve discussed some of the prevalent ones.

Are you a wife who is wondering why her husband is tired of her all of a sudden?

There you have your reasons.

If you’re a man wondering why you’re suddenly tired of your wife, you’ve also seen some possible reasons.

The first step towards solving a problem is effective communication.

Speak with your spouse about your concerns.

Hopefully, you’re on the same page with them and work together to effect changes and achieve a healthy, successful marriage.

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