7 Signs Your Husband Is Jealous Of You

Something really big just happened to you.

Perhaps you clinched a deal or got promoted at work.

You tell your husband, expecting him to feel happy for you, and while he tries to be happy for you, you can’t get over his forced enthusiasm. 

You feel like your husband is jealous of you.

Yeah, it sounds unbelievable, but that’s the vibe you get from him all the time, and you don’t know what to do about it.

Could he really be jealous of you?

One part of you may still be questioning this, but the fact is that your husband can be jealous of you.

However, there are several reasons for how he feels.

It could be self-esteem issues, insecurity, or just a traditional mindset about family roles, but your husband can be jealous of you.

We aim to show you the various signs that indicate that your husband is jealous of you.

Let’s get right to it!

7 Signs Your Husband Is Jealous Of You

1. He is emotionally distant

signs your husband is jealous of you

There are several reasons a man can be emotionally distant from his wife.

Not all of them mean he is jealous of you, though.

He may be angry at you for something you did, and his way of expressing that anger is by giving you the cold treatment.

However, if you had just shared your big news with him before the Cold War began, it may be a sign that he is jealous of you.

How did he react to the news?

Did he react with genuine pleasure, or did his happiness seem forced?

After telling him about it, has he kept to himself or spent longer hours outside than usual?

Don’t get me wrong, he may be having a heavier workload in his office or under some pressure.

But coupled with emotional distance so close after you achieve something phenomenal, it is probably a sign that he is jealous of you and intimidated by your success.

2. Difficulty in communication

signs your husband is jealous of you

Communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship.

When a relationship gets to a point where communication becomes strained, it is a sign that something is wrong with it.

If you notice that your husband is hardly talking to you, it is a sign of many things that are not positive.

He is either angry at you or just avoids talking to you because he feels guilty about something.

In this case, if you had just told your husband about how you did something big and began to feel tension in your conversations, you may be right to conclude that he is jealous of you.

Men are traditionally groomed to be the ones who do the groundbreaking things and come home to the adulation of their wives.

Many men find it hard to adapt to the shift when the roles are reversed.

They may feel resentful of their wives for “making them feel like they are not highflyers.”

This resentment may find expression in the tense conversations and strained silence in the home.

If he meets every one of your attempts at conversations with melancholic responses, it is a sign that he is jealous of you.

3. He doesn’t help you

signs your husband is jealous of you

Everyone has their roles to play in a marriage.

Sometimes, duties may overlap, or a partner may be too busy to perform their roles.

It is in times like this that you expect your partner to pick up the slack because that is what marriage should be about.

However, if you notice that your husband starts slacking around in the house and making a mess of things, causing additional work for you, it may be a sign that something is up with him.

In Nigeria, there is this popular way that men show this jealousy of their wives.

It is almost like they have a WhatsApp group page, and they decided they would do the same thing.

What they do is that they deliberately come home earlier than usual and begin to rant about why food isn’t ready.

Yeah, grown men do this.

Rather than go into the kitchen and prepare something to eat, he would wait in front of the TV for his wife to return home from her higher-paying and more stressful job to cook for him.

If your husband treats you like this, it is a sign that he is jealous of you.

4. He makes disparaging comments about you

signs your husband is jealous of you

You expect an enthusiastic response when you share the good news with your husband.

However, if he starts being negative about a perfect opportunity, and you have noticed this to be a pattern with him, then it is a sign that he may be jealous of you.

Your husband seems to have taken on the role of party pooper in the relationship by making negative and condescending statements about you and your success.

He may say things like;

“Aren’t they paying so much for so little work? Are you sure there is no other thing involved in this deal?”

“I hope you last at the job anyway. Remember what happened the last time?”

“Don’t neglect the kids because of this opportunity. Others will surely come”…

Among other more obviously disparaging and condescending remarks.

A husband who is truly happy for you will offer to find ways to make things work and encourage you even while you are struggling to decide if you have it in you to do what is required of you.

5. He becomes very critical of you

signs your husband is jealous of you

Criticism is good for a relationship when it is constructive.

There is always room for improvement, and healthy criticism inspires partners to better relationship practices.

However, when your husband is jealous of you, he starts nitpicking.

He finds it impossible to see positive things about you.

He only sees your flaws.

Like, he looks at you; all he sees are red flags.

How didn’t he see all these faults until it began to look like you were getting more successful in your career and other areas?

Don’t let all these deter you.

When your husband feels threatened by your success, he will amplify your flaws to make you feel insecure.

Don’t fall for this ploy.

6. He finds it difficult to acknowledge your success in public

If this is happening to you, you have my heartfelt sympathy.

Your husband is supposed to be your greatest cheerleader, always celebrating every one of your wins like they are his.

They are actually his wins, too.

However, when your husband is jealous of you, he doesn’t see things this way.

He seems to believe he is competing with you and that you have somehow gotten ahead of him.

You may discover that your husband never turns up for any event that celebrates your success because he is uncomfortable with your success.

When people congratulate him on having such a trailblazer for a wife, he may have very little to hard to the conversation.

In fact, every mention of your success may leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

He does this because the public acknowledgment hurts his ego as the man and head of the family.

He believes that you are overshadowing him with your success.

7. He may attempt to sabotage your career decisions

When your husband is jealous of you, he may attempt to sabotage your success by attempting to force you to compromise in ways that will affect you.

He may attempt to use emotional blackmail to make you do things that will ruin your chances of more accomplishments.

For instance, a jealous husband may try to tell you to make sacrifices because of the kids.

Now, I am not telling you not to make some sacrifices because of your family, but your husband should be ready to do the same.

After all, you didn’t make the kids all by yourself.

Too many women have given up on their dreams and aspirations because their jealous husbands played this card with them.

Ultimately, if you notice all or a combination of the signs above in your husband, it is a sign that he is jealous of your success.

You may attempt to talk to him about your feelings and reassure him that he shouldn’t be insecure about your wins.

After all, a win for one is a win for all in marriage.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable sharing your success with your husband.

It casts a pall over your joyful feeling.

For the men, you are not in a competition with your wife.

You need to find peace and learn to celebrate her wins genuinely when you realize this.

Until you fully realize this, wake up every morning, look into the mirror and say to yourself:

“I am good enough! I am not in a competition with my wife”.


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