6 Obvious Signs Your Wife Is Disgusted By You

Are there signs your wife is disgusted by you?

We’ll see about that in this article.

Marriage needs intentional effort and commitment to be healthy and successful.

And although we want our marriages always to be filled with love and romance, life doesn’t work that way.

We’re different individuals who are bound by love, and we must have disagreements from time to time.

As a married man, have you ever had a downtime with your wife, and she reacts with so much displeasure that you wonder if there’s more to the reaction than meets the eye?

You feel that she’s disgusted by you.

Well, you know what they say about instincts?

They’re almost never wrong.

Are you curious to confirm what exactly your wife feels for you?

In this article, we’ll look at signs your wife is disgusted by you.


6 Obvious Signs Your Wife Is Disgusted By You

1. She holds on to the anger of unsettled conflicts

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
One of the signs your wife is disgusted by you is that she’s angry about any unsettled conflicts between you.

Even if the conflict has been resolved, she still brings it up as a way to make you feel bad.

She holds on to the anger and refuses to let go.

This anger could be intentional as a way to express her displeasure towards you. 

Most relationships experience rough patches from time to time, and both parties resolve the conflicts and move on with their lives.

But if your wife refuses to let go of conflicts between you, it shows that she’s still upset and may want to stay away from you for some time.

Her keeping malice in order to take some time off from you is an indication that she’s probably disgusted by you. 

And this gives a suitable and palpable explanation for why a wife will want to be away from her husband.


2. She is emotionally distant

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
If your wife is feeling disgusted by your physical presence, you will feel an emotional distance from her.

The importance of emotional connection and intimacy in a marriage cannot be overemphasized.

To achieve emotional intimacy in your marriage, you need to have a deep understanding of each other, share in each other’s feelings and thoughts, and accept each other just the way you are.

This could be subtle, like a lack of eye contact or avoidance of physical intimacy.

Or it may be more apparent through her total indifference and refusal to talk about anything at all with you. 

It is possible that she has lost interest in the relationship, but she may also simply feel overwhelmed by her negative feelings towards you. 

It could also be a ploy by her to trample on your ego and cause you some of the pain and disgust she feels whenever she remembers you or sets eyes on you.

If she’s not getting the emotional closeness she needs from you, she may feel disgusted when you try to establish physical contact with her.


3. Your sex life is nothing to write home about

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
One of the signs your wife is disgusted by you is that your sex life is nothing to write home about.

If she’s not interested in making love to you or engaging in any intimate activity with you, it could be because she’s disgusted by your physical appearance and all that comes with it.

It has taken a nosedive.

Have you noticed that sex in your marriage feels forced or like a chore?

Sometimes, the whole action is unpleasant and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth that you regret why you even indulged in the first place.

To top it off, you’ll notice that whenever you want to get close to your wife in an intimate way, she’ll get visibly anxious.

If she’s disgusted by you, she won’t want you anywhere around her, not to talk of being intimate with her.

So, rather than turning you down, she’ll endure rather than enjoy the experience.

The aftermath is that none of you will enjoy it in the end because you’ll notice that she’s not into the activity.

It might also mean that she doesn’t feel emotionally connected to you anymore, like I stated above, and is trying to distance herself from you as a means of self-preservation. 


4. Presence of abuse in your marriage

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
In most cases, a clear sign of a wife feeling disgust for her husband is an emotional disconnection in the marriage.

But in this case, we’re looking at a more serious sign, which is the presence of abuse in your marriage. 

Physical, verbal, or emotional abuse can cause a wife to feel repulsed by her husband and shut down emotionally.

Also, it can be a two-way street.

Your wife might be disgusted by you because you are abusive towards her.

Also, your wife can abuse you because she is disgusted by you too.

Are you abusing your wife?

Is your wife abusing you?

As you can see, abuse is a constant in the equation.

Wherever the balance tilts, you will see it as one of the obvious signs your wife is disgusted by you.


5. Sex is one-sided

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
If the sex in your marriage is one-sided and it appears that you’re the only one enjoying it, your wife is probably disgusted by you.

You’ll find that she makes physical intimacy about your pleasure and needs because she can’t avoid sexual intimacy totally in the marriage.

When you try to get her in the mood by touching her, she shies away.

Sometimes, she acts this way because she has lost her desire to connect with you physically.

It might sound harsh, but she doesn’t want to be close to someone who disgusts her.



6. She resents you

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
Do you feel that your wife resents you?

I know that long-term relationships take a lot of work to be successful, but life can take its toll on your relationship.

One of the signs your wife is disgusted by you is that she resents you.

Nothing you say or do ever sits right with her.

She has a problem with everything that concerns you.

And you’re surprised because she was not like this all along.

So, you ask, “Why the sudden change in attitude?”

Or even wonder if she was pretending all along.

The truth is that her resentment is a result of the disgust she feels for you. 

She cannot help but feel a deep dislike for you, and this is reflected in her attitude towards you. 


What To Do If Your Wife Is Disgusted By You

Signs your wife is disgusted by you
Address the problems you’re facing in your marriage

The first step towards dealing with the disgust your wife feels for you is to address the problems you’re facing in your marriage.

It’ll be best if you sit together and have a heartfelt conversation about the problems in your marriage and how you can handle them.

Here are some ideas of solutions you can put in place:

  • Communicating openly and in transparency
  • Devoting more time to spending quality time with each other
  • Making a resolve always to reach compromises whenever you disagree
  • Being involved and present and considering each other’s emotional needs and satisfaction in the bedroom
  • Getting rid of every form of abuse in your marriage
  • Learning how to listen to understand instead of listening to reply
  • Putting each other first when it comes to your marriage

If you try out these steps and your wife still disgusts you, I’ll advise you to use the services of a couple therapist.


Your wife feeling disgust for you should give you great cause for concern.

Marriages should be enjoyed, not endured.

She’s clearly enduring hers, and it shouldn’t be so.

Now that you’ve seen the signs your wife is disgusted by you, you need to work on the problems in your marriage.

Only then will there be a positive change in your wife and marriage.

I wish you all the best.

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